Web & Marketing Strategies

Implementation of multiple marketing strategies adapted according to the different products marketed. Development of a promotional offer designed to appeal to the various clienteles of the targeted markets.

Analytics & Big Data

Development of an analytical and big data strategy and tools to effectively identify profitable sources of traffic in terms of volume and intrinsic quality.

Web Traffic Monetization

Development of affiliate relationships, management of web advertising space and implementation of advertising content of all kinds in order to monetize any type of web platform thanks to different monetization strategies adapted to the company's products, services and types of traffic.

About Us

SwagComm offers various services in marketing, promotion and web design to enable its customers to obtain the best results on their various web platforms, whether it is an informative or transactional website or a social media page. The strength of the SwagComm team lies in its multidisciplinary and adaptive side, in phase with the needs of the client.

Our Team

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Albert Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
Founder & CEO
Tonya Garcia
Tonya Garcia
Account Manager
Linda Guthrie
Linda Guthrie
Business Development

Happy Customers

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